Welcome to Knitty Kitty - a unique and alternative knitwear brand that creates clothes for anywhere and everywhere! We believe that you should be able to make your own rules when it comes to fashion, and that's why we design our playful, fun, and edgy motifs and designs that help you express yourself.

Our knitwear is versatile and comfortable, so you can wear it to the store, festivals, parties, or just around the house. We celebrate individuality and firmly believe that being different is beautiful. We want to help you be the best version of yourself by not settling for anything less than what makes you feel good.

Our founder, Lisa Roberts, started Knitty Kitty in 2011 after she knit herself a bikini that she loved wearing. She felt confident and sexy, and knew that other people would want to feel this way too. Since then, Knitty Kitty has grown into a thriving business, with a dedicated team of knitters and finishers in Bali, Indonesia.

We choose to produce our designs in Bali because of its famous craftsmanship, and because it reflects our founder's lifestyle and love for the island and its people. We use hand-operated knitting machines to produce our knitwear, and we take great pride in the quality of our products. Each Knitty Kitty piece is made by hand in our family run knitting factory.

At Knitty Kitty, we love what we do, and we hope you will love our knitwear too. Whether you're looking for something playful, edgy, or just comfortable, we've got you covered - literally and figuratively. So, go ahead and express yourself in clothes that reflect your unique and spirited personality. Thank you for choosing Knitty Kitty!

knitty kitty designer Lisa Roberts

knitty kitty team