Creating a Knitty Kitty Sweater

The 10 Stages on Creating a Knitty Kitty Sweater

Knitty Kitty is made in Bali, Indonesia at a family-owned knitting factory. Each piece is individually made which creates a higher quality product. This is where the magic is created by skilled artisans who take pride in their work.

Our pieces are all knit individually by hand on knitting looms. Here is our process.

1. I design a pattern by sketching and then knitting a sample by hand.

design process

knit chart

2. Designs are reviewed by the myself, the factory manager, and our lead knitter. We go over possible yarns, sizing, and motif patterns and charts. 

3. The lead knitter transcribes my hand knit sample to then be compatible with the knitting looms at the factory. A rough sample is knit, reviewed, and then any necessary correction are made. Once the final sample is approved we order yarns

4. Selecting yarns. Our yarns are sourced from the neighboring Island, Java. Here we decide on types of yarns and quality choosing sustainable yarns.

knit chart

5. Knitting Process: The pattern and specifications are written out, motif charts are created to use with the machines, and yarn is threaded and ready to go. Each piece is made by hand. After the body of the piece is knit it then goes to a linker. 

6. Linking Process: The linker sews the pieces together on another specialized machine by hand. This takes a specific skilled linker who is trained specifically for this job.

linking machine

7. Steaming: All pieces are ironed and cleaned

8. Quality Control: We have a team set up to review each finished piece to make sure the product is correct -no skipped knitting stitches (this can sometimes happen if the yarn falls off the needle while knitting), clean, and linked together properly.

9. Final Stages: sewing in clothes labels, attaching hang tags, and packaging.

10. Now our knit is ready for YOU! ❤️

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