How to Embrace Winter and Feel Good

How to Embrace Winter and Feel Good

First off, Happy New Year! It is always a good feeling to start over again. But if these first couple weeks are not going the way you envisioned, don’t worry...

Wintertime is magical but can also be challenging. There is a Danish term, Hygge (pronounced hoo-guh) that is a feeling or mood that comes from taking genuine pleasure in making ordinary, every day moments more meaningful, beautiful or special.  Hygge is being aware of a good moment whether it’s simple or special. The little things you can do for yourself and to others goes a long way to help you feel good.

1. Say hello, or at least, smile to a stranger

Remember on New Year’s Day when everyone was kind, wishing each other a "Happy New Year”? The sentiment is sincere and you are glad you wished it to that stranger because we are all in hopes of a better year to come. Well, a smile or hello will give that same good feeling and make someone else feel better about themselves. Just that small gesture could impact a strangers day for the better. That could be because of you.

2. Winter Fashion is here! Bring out your knitted sweaters and leggings!

It’s okay to wear knit on knit. As we say here at Knitty Kitty, “when you wear something knit you just feel better” (and warm).  If you are lucky enough to own knit clothing that was made by someone who loves you then know they are hugging you when you wear that knitted gift.

3. Cuddle

This is a time to sit by the fireplace and get cozy. Bring out a craft project to work on or a new book you have been waiting to read. Watch the snow fall and appreciate the sounds and silence. Feel the peacefulness of your surrounding and feel the calmness within yourself. And cuddle.

4. Get Out and Play in the Snow

After appreciating snowfall from inside, go outside! Go snowboarding, skiing, ice skating. Did you know you burn twice as many calories working out in the snow than any other time of year? Playing is exercise except it won’t feel like work. Think of all those endorphins you create from playing in the snow that will carry you through the days to come making you feel motivated for any new challenges.

5. Build a Snowman

Or better yet, build a snowcat! Do something with your family or friends. Create something out of nature and then celebrate with hot chocolate. Friends, nature, AND chocolate? I feel good just thinking about that.

6. Read a Book

Curling up with a good book and even going to bed earlier so you can read is a treat.

7. Make Soups

This is your chance! Pinterest has so many great recipes to try.

8. Drink lots of water

This is your chance! Pinterest has so many great recipes to try.

9. Try crafting

Maybe there is a craft you have been wanting to learn, like knitting? If you need inspiration you can go to sites like My Blue Print (formerly for inspiration and tutorials.

10. Yes, exercise...well soon.

I actually give myself a break from exercising in the month of January. I don’t like to feel that guilt quite yet so I set a goal to start exercising in February and give myself a “free pass” for the month of January. November and December has a lot  of holiday pressure. I need a month of no pressure. This allows me to catch up on “me time” of things I put off. It gives me a chance to work on other meaningful projects.
















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